"To Push / To Care" responds to a gentrifying NYC neighborhood and explores the intersection between "to push" and "to care." The performer uses actions from the traditional Chinese ribbon dance while walking through crosswalks at the Grand and Essex intersection on Manhattan's Lower East Side. This major intersection represents a changing Chinatown/LES. Women living in the neighborhood cross from east-west pushing shopping carts to go grocery shopping or they cross west-east pushing elders in wheelchairs to medical appointments at a clinic just east of the intersection. LES guides lead mostly white tourists and gather in front of buildings to discuss gentrification. The movement of the red silk ribbons transform the intersection's sharp angles and envelop construction, street signs, curbs, trash cans as well as the performer and walking bystanders. By interrupting the everyday movements of people crossing intersections, the ribbons provoke bystanders to watch in appreciation or avoid in annoyance. "To Push / To Care" brings forward the latent tensions in a changing neighborhood.

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