Model Application

collaboration with Caroline Doherty

This collaborative performance uses familiar academic furniture, small actions, and video to begin answering questions of care: How do we enact care? How do we envision that others will enact care towards us? Inspired by collective and individual experiences of women in academia, the performance opens up the power relations implicit and explicit in the classroom.

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emmenagogue’s first performance involving consumption of the handmade book emmenagogue by Hostile Books. With paper made from plants used for centuries to control menstruation, for contraception, and to induce abortions, emmenagogue points to the long history of women being in control of their reproductive bodies and highlights the inherent physical dangers to women when access to safe, legal reproductive is restricted. The Performance Score for emmenagogue was published by PQUEUE. emmenagogue is available for limited purchase through Hostile Books and will prioritize purchases made in states hostile to women’s reproductive access.

 link to accompanying book 

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